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The Heart of Exceptional Service

Nawal Majeed is our Front of House Leader for Concierge and Guest Services and her flawless performance speaks volumes.


It was 2008. A decade ago. Nawal Majeed was laying down what would be the building blocks of her now amazing career at EFS. Nawal started out with EFS Bahrain working at the help-desk. She was later promoted to the EFS Front of House Leader for Concierge and Guest Service at the landmark of Bahrain Harbour Gate.

At that time it started to become more and more obvious that clients were quite taken with her positive attitude as well as her exceptional performance. Things have not changed. Nawal still manages to excel at her job while winning clients over all the time. It’s not complicated at all for her.

You would think there would be a lot more to it, however, Nawal’s working philosophy is simple:
(1) Listen to the Client and Guest feedback.
(2) Take affirmative action to ensure continuous improvement in service delivery.

And she does just that. Both are invaluable traits in an EFS Leader and both points are vital in the service industry. But Nawal also does something instinctively; she never accepts mediocrity and strives for constant improvement while also supporting the team in equal measure to deliver their best each and every day.

All challenges are undertaken and overcome with a smile, a proactive attitude and a willingness to guarantee all guests and tenants are looked after as if it were her own home.

In 2016, the EFS Guest Service team at Bahrain Financial Harbor welcomed over 115,000 visitors with zero complaints. That is an incredible accomplishment.

It is no surprise that Nawal is now recognized as the face of EFS Guest Service in Bahrain where she keeps on making excellence look effortless.

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