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Facing challenges head on

August 3, 2018

Madhavi Panchal, our assistant facilities manager rises up to fight challenges while keeping her team motivated on site.


Challenges. They are everywhere. You cannot avoid the obstacles that life will throw your way. And you can never be prepared all the time, no matter how hard you try.

But what you can do is work on bettering how to overcome these challenges. We tend to get discouraged when we face a hard time, however, what we can easily learn from Madhavi is that when we pay more attention to finding a solution than to the problem itself, great things can start to happen, even in challenging times.

Madhavi takes us back two years to when she joined EFS as an Administrator. She remembers that learning to navigate her new role came with a lot of challenges.

However, she has indeed come a long way. Madhavi affirms that her success at EFS is attributed to the training and guidance provided by her superiors. She says insight from industry experts is absolutely fundamental in order to gain an in-depth understanding of the facility management business.

She has now established herself as an Assistant Facility Manager supporting IWP (Integrated Workplaces) operations in Dubai.

To her, every new day and each and every challenge is a new chance to learn. Different clients, different requirements, the obstacles and finding the solutions all form our overall experiences. And the best part is – she really enjoys what she does.

She aims to be as self-sufficient as she can and to keep gaining experience in the Facilities Management industry. She is enthusiastic about taking additional managerial responsibilities in the next few years and we foresee that she will be taking the lead on some project while helping to boost everyone’s morale along the way.

She is a self-proclaimed optimist in her personal and professional life. The only way she looks beyond challenging and taxing days is by self-evaluation. Madhavi says we all need to work on ourselves in order to perform better.

She says it can be difficult for her when she has to drive to sites on SOS at any part of the hour to address issues or go mainstream and counsel her staff. But having received that type of counsel herself she knows the value of it and the difference it can make. Now – that is a lot of “selfs” but that’s the idea – it all begins with you, with ourselves.

Madhavi proudly practices these traits as she represents EFS and takes accountability to ensure that she builds positive and lasting relationships with clients.

A surprising fact about Madhavi is that she is additionally a Training Ambassador who conducts refresher briefing sessions on soft skills for staff to ensure they have all the right skills to perform well. Now, this is really someone who sets the standards in self and peer motivation!

It’s good to take a cue from Madhavi, and don’t forget to check in with yourself, especially during the tough times, it is the only way to find the light!

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