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The human spirit is limitless


Someone special has just turned one and Ayaz Ali, our Administrative Assistant cannot wait to tell his daughter this success story in hopes of inspiring her own journey.

The idea that we can achieve whatever we set our minds to is no longer just an inspiring line of encouragement told us by our elders and those around us who have realized their dreams. It is a proven practice.

More than ever, we see ourselves and our peers being mindful of our goals and what we want to accomplish. This was the case for Ayaz. Before beginning his journey with EFS two years ago, he was in his hometown of Karachi, dreaming of his own personal and professional success.

Ayaz believes that the corporate culture at EFS played a significant role in helping him become the person he is today. He started his days at EFS as an office boy, tackling his day to day routine, not knowing how life would unfold and what shape the many opportunities for growth would take once they came his way.

He worked on his first project in 2015 where he assisted the Human Resources and Business Development departments. With his humble and dedicated attitude, along with his solid work ethic, Ayaz remained committed to his job and being the best he could be, no matter what the task.

It paid off. After being acknowledged by his manager he was promoted to an office assistant, based at the EFS head office. This accomplishment fueled his drive to excel even further.

Today, his motivation is still undeniable. He is currently working as an Administrative Assistant with the HR team.

Now, the backdrop of this story is his family: his wife and the newest addition to the family, his absolutely captivating baby girl. Ayaz is thankful for his many blessings both personally and professionally and for the ongoing support he gets from his huge joint family of 13 members.

He expresses his excitement when meeting his daughter, Hadiyah Zahara for the first time. Ayaz can’t help but flaunt his picture gallery of Hadiyah’s photos all around the office. He refers to this as his double promotion and the happiest moment of his life.

Ayaz says that the engaging environment and opportunities presented by EFS help employees to achieve their goals and help turn their inspirations into a reality.

According to him, life teaches us 3 things: Never forget the worth of your family, job and never hurt anybody. The more we move ahead in life the more we must work harder. Where there is a will, there is always a way.

The last one is something we have all most probably heard at one time or another. Even though we find that when we put our strongest will into something, it may not always go as we planned, but with dedication there will always indeed be a way.

Ayaz continues to strive for betterment and is always broadening his scope of learning to achieve greater heights. If anything, he has shown us all that in life and work – the cycle of learning and improving never stops.


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