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EFS’s seed (skills excellence empowering development) program

March 31, 2021

EFS Group’s mission is to empower its workforce by continuously researching and designing learning and development programs meant to impact every team member’s growth. SEED’s inaugural courses have been a 10-month intensive journey impacting 54 plus EFSians in soft services and hard services across 18 projects within UAE. EFS has invested more than 7,450 blended training hours and continues its strides through the SEED program.

The SEED program is designed to empower all EFS supervisors by creating a learning journey based on Personal, Functional, and Professional Development, including a Blended Learning formula of – 20:30:50. The mixed learning path was divided into CLASSROOM LEARNING – 20% of the time with Lecture learning format on modules that require class intervention and face-to-face interaction with the instructor. 30% represented by ONLINE LEARNING creates a self-paced concept in the style of “anytime anywhere” learning modules, including case studies, videos, and research papers. ON-THE-JOB LEARNING represents 50% of the SEED program and includes Simulation and Practical Demonstrations, Group Discussions, Team Building Activities, Live work.

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