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#WomenofEFS: Priyanka Rosani


The #WomenOfEFS series continues with inspiring stories of strength, ambition, and growth through opportunity and workplace focus on people’s abilities. We would like to introduce the inspiring Woman of EFS — Priyanka Rosani.

A hard-working woman, mother, sister, and daughter, Priyanka came to Dubai in 2015 from Sri Lanka with no experience or previous footprint in the UAE or foreign country. A first for her, Priyanka pursued a better life and opportunities to support her family. She joined EFS immediately after landing in the UAE in the housekeeping department. Priyanka’s journey from the housekeeping department to the company’s headquarters exposed her to the opportunity to learn language skills and be on track of advancing towards a better position.

Priyanka went through various training, learning, and upskilling programs within EFS, which helped her become confident in her natural abilities and skills. Priyanka has been promoted from housekeeping to an Office Assistant position, where she is in charge of guest management and makes sure everyone visiting the HQ of EFS has the opportunity to experience the EFS culture. With a kind, confident personality Priyanka’s role as an Office Assistant is an important link between the internal culture of EFS and the ambassadorship to the outside visitors: “I was very timid and quiet, always worried about seeing new faces and meeting new people. The company has given me a voice and given me the confidence to interact and face my guest with a smile. Work has always kept me happy and positive about myself. I believe if you are optimistic that opportunities will come your way, they surely do” said Priyanka.

The inspiring story of Priyanka is yet another important lesson of why upskilling women is the way forward in the leadership models. With our “People First” focus, we push the boundaries, and we convert the blue-collar women workforce into more suitable roles where women can have access to better wages and benefits.

Priyanka Rosani is one of the many inspiring, brave, and strong women driving the success of EFS every day!

Stay tuned for more stories of #WomenOfEFS!

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