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#WomenOfEFS: Vipitha Pettikattil


The #WomenOfEFS series continues with inspiring stories of independence, strength, ambition, and growth through opportunity and workplace focus on people’s abilities. We would like to introduce the inspiring Woman of EFS — Vipitha Pettikattil.

A woman that values independence and fought to create a path for herself and her daughter – Vipitha Pettikattil – arrived in the UAE from Kerala with little to no experience with her husband. After six years of being a housewife, Vipitha found herself in the position where she needed to find the path to create an income, a living in a country where she had no experience. She joined EFS as a soft service site supervisor in 2017 within one of the Abu Dhabi projects, and, in a year, she got promoted to the position of project administrator. Throughout the time, Vipitha was trained in different corporate skills. She was recommended for a new promotion as Project Coordinator, where she is now gearing up for further advancements in executive positions.

Vipitha’s career path in EFS was supported by her skills and ambition to create a career, with EFS’s opportunities provided by the management team. “If you have a career, you can withstand anything because no one can take your career from you,” says Vipitha when she recalls the impact her work advancements had in her life.

With a strong, ambitious personality and determination, combined with a stellar work ethic, Vipitha’s growth from no experience to the role as Project Coordinator has been fast-tracked by her relentless desire to work and learn more.

We asked Vipitha what her advice is for the women out there, and her words were inspiring: “Be strong, and regardless of your struggles, do not adjust expectations to a lower level. Work through your struggles, hit your goals, be motivated and focus on developing your career”.

The inspiring story of Vipitha is a testament that opportunities provided by employers based on skills, willingness to learn and progress are far more effective than lengthy HR processes that often leave valuable human assets without the opportunities they need.

With our “People First” focus, we push the boundaries, and we transform blue-collar women workforce into career-focused women based on unique skills and talent.

Vipitha Pettikattil is one of the many inspiring, brave, and strong women driving the success of EFS every day!

Stay tuned for more stories of #WomenOfEFS!

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