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Holistic Learning Dedicated to May and June



As EFS marks the success of its health and wellness campaign, there’s yet another drive to imbibe holistic learning and make a difference.


Learning does not happen in a jiffy. It is a journey that takes place over time for knowledge to be absorbed, skills to be learned and practice to be embedded. EFS walks the journey with its employees and runs holistic learning campaigns to foster their engagement and boost their motivation level with prime focus in May and June.

This campaign is driven by innovative learning activities that anticipate the modern needs of EFS workforce at different levels. It is the time where employees are pulled out from their day-to-day routine work to enjoy new information, knowledge and new skills. It is our ideal partner to raise awareness and reinforce key messages.

EFS is an organization that strives to create a culture of holistic learning and knowledge sharing. Through this, employees are encouraged to accept a change in behaviour for a better future. EFS thus provides its employees with many more ways than ever to engage them and anticipate their demands in a modern learning workplace.



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