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Study, experience & mistakes, the 3 faces of learning

September 11, 2018



EFS is filled with such great diversity. There are people from all across the globe, working side by side to achieve their dreams and to fuel the success of the company and their own professional growth. Being in this type of environment can teach you a lot about people and whilst we are all so different we are the same in so many ways.

Many of us have left our home countries and we struggle with finding the right balance between pursuing our careers and making time for family. Like many of us who have made the move far from home to start a new phase of life, Ramesh has come from his native Nepal where he was brought up in a rather disciplined household. While he maintains a very close relationship with his dear grandparents, mother and sister, he says it is this discipline that gave him a strong sense of values and principles and that it’s this strong will that helps him in his day to day job.
Having joined the company in 2015 as an Assistant Accountant for EFS Abu Dhabi Ramesh Khadka, can now quite confidently ditch the “Assistant” part of that title as he celebrates his recent promotion to the Accountant.

Like his colleagues, Ramesh says it is the emphasis on self-betterment that EFS promotes which really helps employees to grow and know that they can achieve their goals. He says EFS has been an excellent guide, offering the essential tools to continue personal and professional growth. Ramesh also notes that studying, experiences and mistakes all play important roles in our learning and that they are excellent teachers. He finds he went through all of these things while on the path to improving himself. And he still isn’t done. Ramesh notes that this process of self-betterment doesn’t really end. We can all keep learning and keep growing. He could probably also give us some interesting statistics on how much more we actually learn from interacting with each other than we think – given his numerical talents!

EFS is just the place for this. It provides a learning atmosphere where he, like many of us have been able to pursue his studies and grab experience from various assignments. Ramesh has faced many challenges, but his staunch belief in staying calm and resolving them as they arise has given him positive outcomes. Being promoted is a common denominator on anyone’s list of professional goals. Ramesh explains that our attitude is just as important as our performance on the job. He has seen this in his own experience and he continues to focus on his mindset as well as his skillset to keep realizing these dreams.

He believes that our attitude determines the approach to life and the results we get. He loves solving problems, supporting his peers and works hard on strengthening his commitment every day. He is quite inspirational. This is a great reminder of how positive thoughts can help lead us to more positive experiences. In case you ever forget it, Ramesh would be happy to remind you, anytime

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