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Harness the power of Adversity with “Getting To Resilient Mode,” A new book By EFS Facilities Services Group CEO Tariq Chauhan



The book was launched in the presence of Indian Ambassador to the UAE H.E. Sunjay Sudhir at the Mohammed bin Rashid library in Dubai.


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Tariq Chauhan, CEO of EFS Facilities Services Group, has published Getting to Resilient Mode, an autobiography-cum-corporate advisory that sees him share how one can harness -and even be strengthened by- the power of adversity.

“I have tried my best in this book to connect to all those I want to bring as my target readers, who can apply my learnings to their own insights when experiencing hardships,” Chauhan said. “I am sure these readers will find opportunities to resonate with my experiences, as well as use these perspectives to manage their challenges and triumphs.”

“If I can taste success and make things work, then so can anyone.” he added. “That is not being humble, it is the truth- where we go wrong is in not believing in ourselves and using a temporary setback as an excuse not to go forward.”

While the proceeds from its sales will go towards improving the lives of frontline workers, Getting to Resilient Mode has already received Bestseller status on Amazon, specifically in the “Strategy and Competition” and “Business Leadership” categories.

The book was launched in the presence of the Indian Ambassador to the UAE, H.E. Sunjay Sudhir, at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library in Dubai, with the event coinciding with India’s 76th Independence Day celebrations. We spoke to Chauhan at this gathering- check out the video for what he had to say!

Source: Entrepreneur Middle East

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