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EFS Young Leaders Program | Talent Incubator | Dania Awad


Today we are Introducing our third young leader Dania Awad, in our latest series, EFS Young Leaders ProgramTalent Incubator. As a Group that promotes inclusion and diversity, we are thrilled to share a bit of Dania’s journey as a brilliant young graduate, an engineer and a woman within the program and the company.

YLP was designed as a program for young graduates/millennials searching for their first step into employment. EFS Facilities Services Group, through this program, develops and provides a safe and structured environment to help the graduates to gain valuable work experience, explore selected industry career paths, and gain crucial soft skills.

Through the YLP program, the company aims to build the capabilities of our interns and help young talent recognise their true potential.

The program provides a platform for interns to embark on a transformational journey of personal and professional development while building their own identity within the organisation, taking on new challenges, and eventually progressing into new roles. The aim is for each trainee to pave their path to success.


Dania Awad joined the Young Leaders Program last year in November and was integrated as Engineer – Facilities in the Operations department. She is in charge of an investment square of 9 buildings and assures site inspection, technicians and supervisor support and client reports.

Dania was directed to work on projects linked to a strategic orientation to improve her analytical and technical skills in different environments. She succeeded brilliantly and is also an encouragement to many other employees out and in the program.


Her mentor, Joel D’Souza, General Manager – HR Business Solutions, affirms that for any work given to her, Dania infuses talent and motivation. He is simply impressed by her qualities as an engineer and celebrates that the company practices giving inclusive and equitable opportunities to all.

Dania further said that participating in the program has given her experience and skills in her field of work and has also given her more confidence in field projects and how she engages with clients.

She tells us how grateful she is to the management for their excellent work in introducing the young leaders to the company’s mission and goals and providing them necessary guidance, feedback, receptiveness and leadership models.

Joel added that the company is invigorated by highly motivated young leaders who can also fill staffing needs and develop a pipeline of future employees.


Stay tuned for the next episode.




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