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Young Leaders Program

September 14, 2018

EFS Group has specifically designed the Young Leaders Program for young graduate/millennials who are looking for their first step into employment. Through this program, EFS, will develop and provide a safe structured environment from experts in the fresher’s selected fields.

The benefits of the Young Leaders Program are to gain valuable work experience, explore your selected industry career path, gain those all-important soft skills, transition into becoming a future EFS Leader, gain confidence and most importantly develop and refine the candidate’s skill set and knowledge.

Moreover, the role of a mentor will be very crucial to this transformation in journey aiding in the following:

  • Provide professional development and on the job skills of the young leader.
  • Conduct weekly 1-1 meetings with the Young Leaders on their progress and understanding, build a positive rapport and relationship with the Young Leader.
  • Training of the Young Leader.
  • Encourage and support Young Leader at all times.
  • Offer advice to Young Leaders when needed.
  • Guide and demonstrate their daily duties.
  • Assist in the planning, coordinating and evaluation of the Young Leader.

EFS’ Young Leaders Program strives to nurture business leaders of tomorrow.

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