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EFS Young Leaders Program – Talent Incubator | Abdallah Nour


EFS Young Leaders Program – Talent Incubator” is back with its second episode. Today, we resume following the Young Leader Program (YLP) team’s process and their journey in assisting departments in designing and implementing innovative technological solutions and smart platforms to enhance work management productivity.

YLP was designed as a program for young graduates/millennials searching for their first step into employment. EFS Group, through this program, develops and provides a safe and structured environment to help the graduates to gain valuable work experience, explore selected industry career paths, and gain crucial soft skills.

Through the YLP program, the company aims to build the capabilities of our interns and help young talent recognise their true potential.

The program provides a platform for interns to embark on a transformational journey of personal and professional development while building their own identity within the organisation, taking on new challenges, and eventually progressing into new roles. The aim is for each trainee to pave their path to success.


This episode will introduce yet another brilliant talent of the program, Abdallah Nour, a Data Analyst at the Group Command & Support Center, and present his experience with the YLP, his current role in the company and his main initiative.

With video wall technology that projects analytical dashboards for compliance monitoring, our Command & Support Centre can maintain 360-degree operational visibility and a customer service interface on a 24/7 basis. It is in this department that Abdallah joined the Young Leaders Program in November 2021.

He explained how important and beneficial it was to spend time understanding the Facilities Management business process.

After observing that a considerable amount of data was getting in daily, he initiated adapting to digitalise systems in place of spreadsheets and emails to visualise data and give the management a comprehensive view to help with the decision-making.


Samir Mustafa, Assistant General Manager, Command & Support Center of EFS Group, added, “we are happy to have him as a part of the Young Leaders Program. He would be a great head of any future digital department in the group because of his excellent skills and confidence.”

He admired Abdallah’s outstanding research and development skills and professionalism. Furthermore, Samir revealed that the young leader always delivers projects on time with a quality beyond expectations and a great sense of professionalism.

Lastly, Abdallah remembered to appreciate the opportunity given to the young leaders to interact, network and socialise with members of the senior management.

He is grateful for the Group’s initiative and delighted that the remarkable impact of leadership and greatness will help him in his professional journey.

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