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EFS Breaking the Bias – Fatema Shima



We continue the series #BreakTheBias series featuring yet another amazing woman of EFS – Fatema Shima, our brilliant Sr. Project Administrator (EFS Bangladesh).

Each word and comment from Fatema is delivered with confidence, pragmatism, logic, and impact. The power conveyed through her statement extends to all ears so easily because it is the fruit of years of abnegation, work, and commitment to the cause of women’s professional excellence.

Her journey started with a strong and independent mind from her childhood years, coupled with the values of self-worth inculcated by her father. Fatema grew up with the philosophy of a winner who never quit but always thrived to reach her goals.

She strongly believes that equality between men and women is achievable. She has been working in a very privileged environment where men are joining the #BreakTheBias movement through their excellent work etiquette and respect for their female counterparts.

She admits: “I have always had an extremely good understanding with my Line Manager, who always makes sure I receive proper guidelines”. She adds: “my co-workers and suppliers have always been very supportive with an irreproachable work etiquette.”

She embodies all the qualities that equip women today to reduce stereotypes, inequalities, and discrimination. She also insists on how significantly gender bias causes a barrier to equal career development.

In addition to which, she mentions how difficult it is to define and specify it. She continues by exposing the damages caused by such an insidious phenomenon.

Talking about her role, she says: “challenges are inevitable; I have had my share when it comes to certain assignments, deadlines, and many more work-related questions; but in all these challenges, I have always succeeded in delivering the best. In every problem lies the solution if we are humble enough to learn, upgrade and through it, all keep on growing.”

When asked about her advice for the women that are looking up to her and the ones inspiring her own choices, she replies with passion: “My biggest piece of advice for any woman looking to pursue a career in facilities management is to be self-confident. It can sometimes feel daunting to be a woman in facilities, but that should not be a stop but a challenge to prove that we too belong to the industry.

Secondly, you have the right to speak up and ask for support when needed. As an EFSian, I get my inspiration from many leaders, and Saima Ahmad, our Group Director – Human Resources, is one of them. She is an excellent leader, an amazing role model, and has always inspired me to dream big. Finally, I can say that together, we can all break the bias!”

Fatema’s passion to empower other women who might have just started their careers in the FM industry is a great inspiration. Her motivation to help the industry achieve gender equality is a beacon of progress.

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