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EFS Inspiring Stories – Theophilus Obie



In the latest episode of inspiring stories, we sat with Theophilus Obie, who shared his family’s emotional story and how EFS Group as a whole came together to support him and his loved ones.

One year ago, The Obie’s received a gift – their wonderful newborn baby girl as they had been in expectation for more than 7 years. However, this amazing gift would eventually come with one of the most dreadful news a parent can think of: their newborn child had a critical medical condition.

At this point, the family was in a totally desperate situation with their beloved child in a life-threatening condition and their extended family far away in Africa.

But instead of an unhappy flow of events, things got amazingly well with EFS coming as a family to support and assist the couple. Obie can recall how surprised he was: “I was amazed when my colleagues and Manager stepped in and zealously assisted my family.”

A touching response from EFS that Obie considers today as a family, he declares: “A company where love transcends nationality and color”. He added that everyone was present for him and that he is thankful for all the people of EFS.

What an amazing family-like environment EFS has created to promote love and inclusion between people from different cultures and horizons.

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