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#WomenofEFS: Mutesi Annet


The #WomenOfEFS series continues with inspiring stories of strength, ambition, and growth through opportunity and workplace focus on people’s abilities. We would like to introduce the inspiring Woman of EFS — Mutesi Annet.

A woman, a mother, a sister, and a daughter – Mutesi Annet – arrived in the UAE from Uganda with little to no education to pursue a better life and a chance to work. Annet’s growth journey spanned a few years and allowed her to bank on her abilities and skills.

She joined EFS Facilities Services as a housekeeping staff in one of the Al Ain projects, and in six months, she got her first promotion as a team leader. In just 24 months, the Management recommended her for a new promotion in the HR department. She had the opportunity to explore her human interaction skills and her ability to interact with people naturally.

Annet went through various training verticals, learning, and upskilling programs within EFS, which helped her become computer literate and attain English language skills that helped her into her next stage of growth in EFS.

Earlier last year, Annet was proposed to take on an exciting role, a new technical territory in terms of learning curve and skillset in the WeWork project in Abu Dhabi. But as a naturally curious mind – Annet didn’t shy away from a challenge.

She recalls the moment when she met the Group CEO of EFS, Mr. Tariq Chauhan, who personally encouraged her to take on the challenge of the next promotion to the position of Barista for the Client’s site. “I sat along with the CEO himself, and I couldn’t believe how much he encouraged me to pursue my career. Don’t be afraid, he said, you can do anything. And that was the moment I knew I am open to learn and grow, and I took on the challenge of being a Barista despite not knowing anything about it”.

BELIEVE in yourself, allow yourself to be courageous, curious and always learn more. Have a passion for learning and always keep evolving until you find your true skills and your true dedication.

Annet’s role as Barista combines both technical and creative skills with that of her natural open persona and strong, confident personality and excellent soft skills. Annet was trained and upskilled to join the Client’s global community standards and took on her position as a barista at the Abu Dhabi space.

Annet’s growth and impact in her current role are significant, as witnessed by her team management in a heartfelt statement: “As a professional Barista, it is her role to prepare and serve the finest coffee using techniques adopted by WeWork’s global standard of practice, including ‘Latte Art’ and high-end machinery application. Besides, she is the life and soul of the entire office space, as the Barista station is where all the action for the building takes centre-stage and where businesses congregate to connect and network. It’s Annet’s role to socialize and deliver the flow of connectivity in these instances. I’m pleased to say she has gone above and beyond her role, and she is the most recognizable person in the entire team.”

We asked Annet what her advice is for the women out there, and her words were inspiring: “Where you are today, or your starting point is just your starting point; BELIEVE in yourself, allow yourself to be courageous, curious and always learn more. Have a passion for learning and always keep evolving until you find your true skills and your true dedication. Finding an organization like EFS that truly cares for helping people to overcome their condition is essential. The growth path I was on was possible because of the people of EFS.”

Annet’s inspiring story is a testament that allowing natural skills and talents to grow by educating and upskilling women provides them with successful career paths.

With our “People First” focus, we push the boundaries through upskilling and learning opportunities to transform our blue-collar women workforce into career-focused, strong and confident versions of their higher self.

Mutesi Annet is one of the many inspiring, brave and strong women driving EFS’s success every day!

Stay tuned for more stories of #WomenOfEFS!

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