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Behind the Scenes: Training for the Greatest Show on Earth – Imad Ellah Hamza


We continue our campaign Behind The Scenes: Today we meet Imad Ellah Hamza, an experienced tour guide and customer service professional who embarked on the journey to the most incredible show on earth as Explainer – Pavilion Visitor Services.

Imad’s excitement to discover the world’s cultures and engage with people from different backgrounds lead him to learn Hindi and French and develop a career where his native curiosity is an asset.

At EFS Facilites Services, Imad’s mission of learning and development prepares him to be of the highest service to the world’s cultures while being inspired by the EFS values of learning, development and community. “I discovered in EFS a new family starting with the CEO’s motivational welcome, the cultural diversity of my team to the professional training that helps us to become the best.”

Imad’s work motto defines the spirit of EFS: “I will give my best to be the best!”

Watch Imad’s full story and follow the journey behind the scenes on the way to The Greatest Show on Earth!




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