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Behind the Scenes: Training for the Greatest Show on Earth – David Alvarez


We continue our campaign Behind the Scenes: Training for the Greatest Show on Earth, where we discover the diversity of talent trained by EFS Facilities Services Group for the incredible work opportunity to represent the UAE on the world’s stage.

Today we meet David Alvarez, a passionate communicator and Cincinnati University graduate who embarked on the journey to the most incredible show on earth as STM – Response Host.

David hails from Colombia, and his curiosity to meet and experience different cultures brought him to work together with a diverse team at EFS to deliver an outstanding customer interaction experience during the most exciting global event happening in the heart of UAE.

David is a driven professional with goals to add tremendous value to his team while developing his skills and knowledge.

David’s excitement to work alongside EFS’s leadership motivates him to diligently learn from his leaders and team members. “At EFS, I am part of a team that loves learning together and mixing our diverse skills set to achieve a common goal.”

David is prepared for his interactive role by attending a comprehensive training program designed to encourage growth, confidence and skills. “During my training program at EFS, I got to learn so much from our trainers, they dedicated their time to make sure we have all our questions answered, and we are prepared for our important role. Throughout the training, I realized that problem solving and helping people are things that I enjoy, and I want to strengthen in my professional journey.”

David is ready to meet you all at the greatest show on earth: “I love the role of Host as it will enable me to interact with different cultures and meet people from all around the world!”

Watch David’s full story and follow the journey behind the scenes on the way to The Greatest Show on Earth!



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