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Trading Roles

Racquel Casinsinan is our Senior Executive of Operations at EFS Dubai who completes every task with perfection, takes on any role with ease and makes every interaction an experience.


Born in Manila, Philippines, Racquel was the 4th born, out of seven children. Her dad worked as a supervisor in a shoe factory and mom as a shoemaker in the same company. Her mother later on decided to work abroad to better support her children’s education. Racquel would later share the same ambition.

After graduating college with an MBA degree in 2003, Racquel came to Dubai. In 2009, she signed on with EFS as an Administrative Assistant. Although it was a humble beginning for Racquel after just a few months she was deployed onsite as the Project Administrator for the Gold and Diamond Park.

The role had created numerous opportunities for her to learn and improve on proper handling of documents, finance & billing, call and reactive process, PPMs, subcontractor management. This was the experience that opened the gate to great self-enhancement and amazing professional opportunities.

Since then, Racquel has overseen a wide array of prestigious projects. In between handling these jobs, she was also assigned to assist the Bid Team during a bid process where EFS won a landmark project worth AED 5M per annum.

In the course of 9 years with EFS, Racquel has assisted in mobilizing various projects in terms of setting up the site office, training new site administrators, preparation & submission of monthly reports and set up & implementation of process flows, variation billing and site petty cash reimbursements.

Even though a lot of shifts and taking on extra roles can be challenging and difficult at times, Racquel has welcomed all this transformation with open arms as she has gotten a lot of experience with client engagement and site operations.

In a span of 5 years, she would like to see herself to be in a successful managerial position within EFS and be able to contribute more in achieving its missions and aspirations – which we can say with great confidence that she is on the right path!

Racquel has always found a way respond to situations like this in a positive way by looking at the bright side and believe that there is a reason for its occurrence.

She says, “I don’t let bad things affect me and ruin the rest of my day. I believe that there is always a rainbow after the rain.” Even though this is easier said than done – she does it with a lot of grace while reminding us that with patience and perseverance, anything is possible.

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