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Random Acts of Kindness

November 3, 2018

Nasib Akram, our assistant facilities engineer knows the true value of spreading kindness

We hear the word kindness all the time. We grow up and are always told to be kind. As we get older, we realize being kind is a practice. Nasib knows about this very well.

In 2016, Nasib Akram signed on to join EFS as an Engineer Trainee and today, he is avidly pursuing the role of an Assistant Facilities Engineer at EFS Abu Dhabi. Nasib is certain that the corporate philosophies of EFS have helped shape him into a smart worker, a goal-oriented individual and most of all, a confident team leader who is inspiring others with his random acts of kindness.

Nasib feels that EFS is like a family and he believes it is this atmosphere which truly helps keep employees driven. To lead by example is contagious.

When people see those before them succeeding, they have something to aspire to. Nasib has a strong sense of ambition which he says has a lot to do with the significant role models in his life. On his Mother; “I have no words to describe her hardships that she suffered for my education.

What I am today is because of my mother. She has no formal education, yet she is a visionary lady who taught me in believing in myself. Whenever I am in a dire situation, I just close my eyes and recall my mother’s courage and bravery.

It motivates me to stand like a rock against difficulties. The way she fought against all odds for the sake of my bright future, was really phenomenal and exemplary.”

He continued, “The second role model for me is the lady who sponsored my education and gave me a generous scholarship for completing my B.E program at a university. Though I am not her real brother, yet she supported me more than what a sister can do for her brother. She stood by me through thick and thin and came to my rescue whenever I needed a helping hand. She is like an angel of kindness for me.”

From his own experiences, Nasib knows the real value of being kind, and how powerful kindness can be and the many hearts and doors it can open.

Nasib continues to perform by making sure his client’s needs are met and wins them over by providing quality and reliability. He also spends some time with the team members to share what he has learned. He wants to help them develop their careers so that everyone can contribute positively to the future of EFS.

Nasib also takes feedback from his peers in a positive way, knowing that we can all learn from each other, and the cycle is continuous. He now plans to pursue a higher education while continuing to advance personally and within the organization.

He has shown us that everyone puts on a brave face each morning. We don’t always know what the people around us may be going through, but one thing is for sure, kindness is often welcomed and reciprocated and that’s something that can make a lot of smiles and inspire a lot of people.

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