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Secure Plus Success Stories – Jonah Ogba Kalu


We continue our campaign with the EFS Security division, Secure Plus, to meet some of the unsung heroes that work tirelessly to keep our communities and businesses safe.

In our second episode, we meet Jonah Ogba Kalu! Hailing from Nigeria, Jonah has worked with Secure Plus for the past four years, and in his job Jonah fostered his ambition to become an entrepreneur and start his own business. Jonah learns in Secure Plus every day from the leadership and clients to understand the business mindset, foster relationships and increase the knowledge in security. Through hard work and determination, Jonah progressed through different levels of his career. “Working in Secure Plus, I see myself transformed into someone who is always prepared mentally to grow, to learn and to work hard to achieve my goals and aspirations,” said Jonah reflecting on his four years journey.

Watch Jonah’s story now!

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