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Secure Plus Success Stories – Atungsiri Ngafor Therence


Today we release a brand new episode of the inspiring stories of the EFS Security division, Secure Plus, where we meet those working behind the scenes to keep our communities and businesses safe.

In our fourth episode, we meet Atungsiri Ngafor Therence! Therence joined Secure Plus in 2016 in his first job abroad, working as a Security Guard after years of working in the construction industry as a builder. A husband, son and father, Therence viewed the new job as an opportunity to expand his professional prospects and the chance to have the future he dreamed of. However, the journey was a challenge for him to adapt to a new career. EFS Facilites Services Group’s push to growth had Therence embarked on a journey to push beyond his boundaries and attain skills and professional qualifications to help him evolve. Today Therence is a Security Team Leader, and his journey is just getting started. “At EFS, you are pushed to learn, to grow and to find your unique professional path being supported by a team of professionals and colleagues sharing the same goal: growth.”


Watch the inspiring story of Therence!


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