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Making Melody

Moath Qatanani, our dynamic Facilities Engineer from EFS Jordan believes in making melody. Read his story.


Moath works for EFS’ renowned Mixed-Use Development project in Jordan. He joined the EFS family in 2018 as a BMS operator and today he manages the errands of an esteemed project as a competent Facilities Engineer. He comes from a musical family where his brother is a guitarist and he turned into a passionate vocalist and an organist.

According to Moath, his groundwork at EFS helped him gain wider knowledge in the field of Facilities Management. Not only did he grasp the know-how of operations but also a lot more on his management skills.

He looks up to his manager for great achievements at a young age and also admires the passion and pace with which his role model goes to improve his career at all times.

With hard work and passion in his core role, he aspires to be a Facility Manager in the near future. The same passion that makes him an ace musician.

His utmost priority is to treat everyone with respect at all times and in all conditions. Someday, he wants to be known for his passion which is music and his persistence which is his work life.

Making melody indeed acts as a reviver amidst all the woes of life. Till date, his enthusiasm for music has got him to compose songs at a rampant speed.

In just a week with 2 hours of dedicated fine-tuning and hitting the right note, he manages to pull of some of his favourite tunes as well as his own compositions.

Self-learning for five hours a day has got him to master the keyboard. Moath has proudly released two official songs and twenty other small song clips.

He still counts his blessings and is always amazed at how EFS supports the interests of its people, their talents, their achievements and most importantly their well-being for a greater good.


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