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Innovation in Facilities Management

Samar Salih, Manager Command & Support Centre at EFS Facilities Services Group, tells us how EFS is innovating in technology and its sustainable practices.


EFS has over the past two decades, continuously invested in innovative, cutting-edge technological initiatives culminating in the emergence of our self-developed Smart Facilities Management Automation solution FMPro.

This solution is enabled with the Internet of Things (IoT) technology to provide asset lifecycle and facilities management and is equipped with functionalities including (but not limited to) a mobility solution (EFSGO), wearable technology (smartwatches) and smart washrooms solution.

At EFS, we strongly believe in technology as an enabler for the attainment of the three pillars of sustainability (environmental, economic & social sustainability). This has led to the emergence of EFS as a regional leader in Sustainable Facilities Management services.

All assets and facilities under our care can be visualised in real-time basis using a set of custom dashboard reports including (but not limited to) asset criticality analytic graphs, real-time asset location monitoring and optimisation, asset health and energy consumption reports, warranties management and among other custom reports, to assure our clients of value for money by attaining cost & operational efficiency.

Our internal departments and functions are enabled through technology to make critical business decisions through real-time analysis with full visibility of the field operations across all the facilities we manage locally and internationally.

We use video wall technology to project analytical dashboards for compliance monitoring, and our command & support centre can maintain 360-degree operational visibility and customer service interface on a 24/7 basis.

Our wearable technology solutions have enabled us to attain high operational standards by optimising our workforce and facilitate accurate decisions through efficiency analysis without compromising the privacy rights over our workforce.

By using the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, EFS has effectively moved on from traditional methods of maintenance (which are time-consuming, labour-intensive & cost inefficient), to more efficient processes based on predictive, criticality based and reliability-centered maintenance.

This has resulted in the provision of value for money for our clients by increasing asset availability and reliability at optimised costs.

Our progression towards a paperless operation through technology among our 18,000 strong personnel bases, has enabled us to save hundreds of tons of paper annually and hence significantly contribute to environmental sustainability.

Attainment of higher operational efficiency levels through technology utilisation has led to overall enhanced performance efficiency for our clients’ assets, hence resulting in a corresponding reduction in energy consumption.

EFS energy management function is empowered with the Internet of Things (IoT) technology to manage, monitor and optimise. Our energy efficiency initiatives contribute to the overall economic sustainability of our clients’ facilities.

Source: Construction Business News

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