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EFS Young Leaders Program | Talent Incubator | Syed Samar & Nadeen Mostafa


Today we are closing the chapter of our Talent Incubator series. An insightful episode featuring our young leaders Syed Samar, Engineer (Data Integrity – FMPro) and Nadeen Mostafa (Engineer Facilities – Service Assurance), supported by their charismatic mentors, Taher Jhanjharya, Chief Financial Officer and Saima Ahmed, Group Director, Human Resources.

This episode also admirably highlights this International Youth Day year’s theme, ‘Intergenerational Solidarity: Creating a World for All Ages.

Young Leaders Program was designed as a program for young graduates/millennials searching for their first step into employment. EFS Facilities Services Group, through this program, develops and provides a safe and structured environment to help the graduates to gain valuable work experience, explore selected industry career paths, and gain crucial soft skills.

Through the YLP program, the company aims to build the capabilities of our interns and help young talent recognise their true potential.

The program provides a platform for interns to embark on a transformational journey of personal and professional development while building their own identity within the organisation, taking on new challenges, and eventually progressing into new roles. The aim is for each trainee to pave their path to success.

Our first leader interviewed, Syed Samar, Data Engineer – FMPro, talked about the last few months in the organisation and the important projects he worked on.

The main task was successfully implementing Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM systems) for various operations across the Group and project sites.

We were also impressed that Syed provided more than twenty hours of training to different company professionals: Managers, Engineers, Supervisors and Technicians.


Furthermore, he developed a Template Validator Tool with the assistance of one of his colleagues to help in the automated validation of an operating data collection template.

Visibly grateful for the opportunity EFS gave him, Syed Samar declared that the program had given him a pedestal for his career goals to become a better version of himself.

His mentor, Taher Jhanjharya, Group Chief Financial Officer, declared: “We get to learn from such a highly passionate employee” in fact, he assured us that their fresh ideas and passion are a significant addition to the organisation.

Taher celebrates Syed’s excellent work ethic and admires how serious he takes his role and responsibilities in the company.

Nadeen, our second young leader of the day, led us to understand the importance and great benefits of the program for her career in general and how gaining experience from her projects helped her in her career goals and led to better opportunities for her career path. Among many crucial projects, she worked on implementing the energy-saving program.

To conclude the series, we spoke with Saima Ahmed, Group Director, Human Resources and were reminded of the Group’s staunch commitment to talent development and providing graduates with a structured and blended learning approach focused on coaching, mentoring and training.

She commended the young leader’s progress and accomplishment. Her closing statement was: “I am proud of them as they move to their next career step. We wish them the best.”

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