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EFS Bridging the Gap – English Language Program: Ghulam Qadir


How is the EFS English Language Programme changing the experiences of our colleagues?

In this episode, we meet Ghulam Qadir, Supervisor HVAC, who talks about his learning journey and how gaining English communication abilities has transformed his life. Ghulam joined EFS Facilities Services five years ago, and his struggle with interacting in English was always an impediment.

Ghulam Qadir entered the EFS English Language Program, and in just a few months, his abilities to converse in English developed rapidly. Ghulam’s Line Manager, Muhammad Asif, affirms the improvement in the job intercommunications and the self-confidence Ghulam gained by using his linguistic skills.

EFS English Language Programme has been developed in partnership with Mirai Partners by bringing the AI assessments tool to track and evaluate the English language literacy level of blue-collar workers across the group and help the learning and development specialists to devise a personalized language education program to bridge the linguistic gap.

Watch now how Ghulam’s story!


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