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EFS Bridging the Gap – English Language Program: Dhan Kumari Bhattarai


The confidence and happiness coming from the ability to express your thoughts and feelings in a foreign language is a significant development step for many blue-collar workers. At EFS, we strive to empower our colleagues by equipping them with language skills to provide them with a more fulfilled life.

In this episode, we meet Dhan Kumari Bhattarai, who radiates with joy in being able to communicate and express herself in English not only at work but also in her personal life.

Dhan Kumari joined EFS eight years ago, and her desire to learn English has always been part of her self-development goal. In 2021, after enrolling in our English Language Program developed in partnership with Mirai Partners, Dhan Kumari can now hold conversations in English and improve her interactions in the professional space.

The EFS English Language Program has been changing the experiences of our colleagues in the workplace and beyond. Watch Dhan Kumari’s story now!


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