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Who Says Documents and Paperwork Can’t Be Dynamic?

Dipak Subedi is an Office Boy with an infectious approach to work


Dipak became a member of the EFS community in 2016 as a housekeeping staff. Coming from Pokhara in Nepal, he always had a strong desire to pursue his dreams of forming a solid career abroad. His father is a farmer who faced a lot of hardships during his upbringing.

He is the only son who supports his family which includes a younger brother and three little sisters. It was this inherent drive to support his family and make them proud which catapulted him onto this path.

For many of us – like Dipak, taking care of our family is the main factor when it comes to choosing a career. Aside from this, our families are often a source of support and encouragement, and they can also be the inspiration for what we choose as a profession.

With this embedded in his mind, he started his employment with EFS and gave it 100 per cent every day. In just a few months, his good attitude, commitment, punctuality and dedication gained him a promotion to office boy. The way we think, and believing in ourselves is so important, and as Dipak showed us a way to realize our aspirations.

Since then, he has continued to showcase himself praiseworthy of appreciation on the basis of his good performance and quality of work by helping clients with a variety of their day to day administrative tasks with outstanding efficiency.

Dipak is steadily focusing on learning new things which can help move him further ahead and strives to share the responsibility with his father and support his siblings’ education. He does an amazing job of reminding us all, that every job is important, and we all have to give it our best so that we can all be successful together.

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