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#EFS360 Transforming Lives: Ahmad Elsrouji



A job is more than just a job – is an opportunity to transform your life! We continue the #EFS360 Transforming Lives series celebrating the growth, resilience, and transformation of inspiring EFSians.

Our aim is to showcase real-life stories of evolution, transformation, and learning through workplace talent recognition and exposure to opportunities.

Ahmad Elsrouji is an Assistant Manager, Facilities Operations in EFS Group. Ahmad’s career mantra has always been around linking success with impacting positively the lives of those working with him: “My dream was always to become a successful person that could help others, and I get to build that dream to reality every day” – Ahmad started his story with the statement that recognises the passion he puts into his career.

Ahmad joined EFS as a trainee engineer and progressed from a trainee position to an assistant manager, continuously being trained and offered the opportunity to build his career funnel towards his personal goals of ascending to higher management positions where he can make an impact.

After six months from joining EFS, Ahmad got his first promotion that was the step towards the position that he holds today. His responsibilities and management skills were continuously honed to fast-track his opportunity to grow in the company and get more responsibility.

“Working in EFS has developed my professional and personal skills, which have a great positive effect on my personal life too. I get motivated every day by Mr. Tariq, who is not only a Group CEO but my role model and the role model of many: his vision, work ethic, compassion and resilience are inspiring.”

We asked Ahmad what his advice is to those starting their careers “I still learn every day, and I have learned that failure makes us stronger, so don’t be afraid to fail. With failure comes great learning! Always look for those to inspire you and to motivate you to aspire to higher goals.”

Watch Ahmad’s journey of transformation! To get to know more about our campaign get in touch with us!


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