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The Wheels of Faith keep turning

June 20, 2017



We usually see babies grow and become more and more eager to get on their feet. They try and try again to stand, walk and be on their way. However, sometimes, it is more of a struggle. Meet Molly. A courageous young girl who (still undiagnosed) was found to have no strength in her legs when she was 9 months old.

She stayed strong, undergoing a lot of different types of treatment to see what would help. Molly used to be strapped into a frame for 20 minutes a day to get her hip joints to form correctly. She never learned how to crawl until she was about a year old. Physiotherapy was the only source of progress. She persisted with dedication.

With frequent therapy and a powerful will, Molly slowly advanced and at about 2 years 3 months of age, she started to walk with a walker and then finally took her first steps at 3 years old.

Although she couldn’t walk unaided until she was nearly 4 years old, she never gave up. At such a young age she has had to face blood tests, spinal x-rays, MRI scans and a lot of physical exertion – however she is a fighter and was unstoppable when it came to realizing her dream of riding a bicycle.

Presently, Molly continues to be brave in her journey as she works hard to be able to walk greater distances, jump and climb. Molly still has daily physio at home and frequently sees a muscle specialist team.

Through this all, she always held onto her dream of riding a bike, a simple wish for any child of that age. However, with her condition, she wouldn’t be able to really use a normal bike.

For her dream to become a reality, a bike would have to be specially created for her so that it would be adjustable as she grew while also helping Molly strengthen her muscles. The money was to be raised through donations and charity events to cover the cost of making the specialized bicycle.

After learning about Molly, EFS wanted to get involved and make her dreams of riding a bike come true. We are told that Molly’s reaction to this news was rather epic – and loud.

She was so overwhelmed, her mother noted that she filled the house and probably the neighbour’s houses with screams of joy and excitement. She was more eager and determined than ever.

We know that this is only a small step for Molly, but with a spirit as strong as hers, she is sure to make many more of her dreams come true too.

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