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The Path of Progress

Chaminda Jayantha is a Senior Executive for Human Resources who made the impressive leap from the cleaning staff to a diversified HR role.


In 2010, Jayantha’s undeniable energy and enthusiasm led him from his hometown of Kandy in Sri Lanka, where his wife and daughter reside to Dubai where he joined EFS working as a member of the cleaning staff.

Jayantha’s charisma was matched by his constant hunger for improvement. By giving it his all, and keeping a solid commitment to progression, he built an impeccable record of accomplishments and always worked to enhance his skills.

Over time, he transitioned to an Office Assistant’s position which gave him the perfect opportunity to learn all about the details involved in the various day to day functions inside corporate offices. He was eager to learn more and go further.

His approachable personality and loyalty to EFS’ core values and ethics were recognized across the board and appreciated by the management who supported his goals by giving him the tools and means to diversify into Human Resources where he has proved to be a most valuable addition.

He was appointed as an HR Assistant and was then promoted to his position as an HR & Admin Executive and more recently a Senior Executive.

Throughout his career, Jayantha’s attitude towards self-improvement, his ability to adapt as well as his dedication and eagerness to treat each task – no matter what it was as a chance to learn and grow, paved the way for him to utilize his talents and hone his abilities.

He is a shining example of how to be driven and how to draw strength and focus from within. Jayantha continues to strengthen his commitment and fuel his personal ambition, as he keeps steadily moving ahead and evolving in the EFS environment.

Jayantha, we celebrate your sincerity and hard work and are inspired by your positive attitude, enduring drive and your confidence.

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