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The Knack for Frames

Photography is not everybody’s cup of tea but Jetcell Estrada is our diligent MEP Supervisor who began his journey at EFS Group with the knack for frames.


Jetcel came all the way from the Philippines with dreams and ambitions to support his family back there. It has been ten years with EFS progressing from an Electrical Technician to an MEP Supervisor in recent time.

As an EFSian he looks to go above and beyond to help his colleagues. He also transfers the same energy into his photography.

Jetcel fell in love with photography a long time ago. As he grew older, he began to take this art more seriously. For him, it has always been a way of expressing feelings and art in its natural form.

He believes, ”What you have caught on film is captured forever. It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything“.

With a focused and determined spirit, he worked very hard, from making ends meet at home to saving up for all the gadgets and equipment required to pursue his passion, photography was now becoming a way of transformation.

A transformation that began as a passion and continues to stay with him. Jectel can be spotted anywhere at EFS events in Dubai, ever ready to capture moments with his camera and lenses. Take a look at some of his clicks…


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