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A rendez-vous with the hidden comic artist

April 25, 2019



  • Introduce yourself to us and your journey at EFS?

They call me Ghanza and EFS is the very first workplace in my life. I had two job opportunities but I took this job completely based on instructs, even though that job offered me more. I started as fit out co-ordinator in the mobile team in November 2016.

After 1.5 years, I got an opportunity to work with the bid team and that paved the path for me to grow within the organization. This gave me my big break and today I’m very happy to work as a Technical Bids Executive and also a part of the prestigious Rising Stars program which is EFS’ effective talent program.

  • Describe a typical hectic day at work for you?

Typical hectic days are usually the buildup days before any huge submission. My day starts very early in the morning – 5 am I’m up and running to be precise and report work by 7.30 am. My mornings usually are spent checking emails, clearing-off past day issues, followed by team meetings to breakdown the daily tasks. Basically, as a technical coordinator, I have to understand what we have to bid for by reading and analyzing the project drawing in detail, compiling data, representing it graphically so that everyone in the team has a clearer picture on what we are bidding for.

  • Do you have any crazy stories from EFS?

I can recall the day when we celebrated Diwali at the head office. I had a tight schedule packed with submissions and yet we managed to find a design, aiming for an intricate one for the rangoli competition. Managing to finish an outline with a pencil, all the members of the rangoli team look at each other with a hope that one among us would definitely know how to fill the colours for the Rangoli.

Despite our struggle to learn new techniques to complete our Rangoli and our submissions, we as a team, did our best to accomplish it. Even though we did not win, we all were proud of our teamwork and shared the back pains and muscle cramps together in putting up a beautiful masterpiece.

  • What are your hobbies?

I usually spend my leisure time in Painting & Reading and quite a few in the office are aware that I am a die-hard Anime-Addict

  • Your take on:
    • Life – Your destiny and life path is already written. I don’t think or worry too much about the present because I know whatever that’s happening today, is meant for a reason
    • Health – I prefer putting the health and well-being of my loved ones first rather than that of myself
    • Family – A very humungous loving and social family is the reason I am an extrovert who befriends easily
    • Food – Being a true Malayali coming from the beautiful coast of South India, I do not like FISH!
  • 3 Random Facts about you
    • I make my own comic strips based on current life scenarios
    • I love watching Korean, Chinese and Japanese movies
    • I have zero knowledge in the ABCs of makeup – except eyeliner!

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