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The EFS Formula Series – Jordan


EFS Formula Series continues with a brand-new episode unveiling a new country part of our global operations. For this new episode, we take you through the EFS Formula Series – Jordan OPCO celebrating with them Jordan’s Independence Day.

Ahmad Hammad, EFS Jordan manager, talks about the eight-year-old EFS operation in Jordan, the service lines, performance, challenges, and future plans.

EFS Jordan was established eight years ago in 2014. Since then, it has been operating in the country, bringing to the market and the industry 75 service lines within infrastructures, hospitality, security, staffing solutions and global facilities management services and spreading across Banking, IWP projects, residential and commercial buildings.


Ahmad Hammad revealed that the focus put on learning and development for the staff, the implementation of smart solutions and the use of CUG are the points that give EFS Jordan a clear differentiation from the competition.

Lately, EFS Jordan has participated in the organization of the FM Conference and Expo 2022, the first event of its kind to be staged throughout Jordan, dedicated to the unique field of facilities management and its different sectors.

A step to helping the Jordan market get accustomed to FM concepts.

Smart solutions and energy management solutions are EFS Jordan’s plans to keep the quality of its services at a higher level.


Tune in for the third episode.

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