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The Compassionate version of Man-hours: Give-hours


Give-Hours is an initiative inspired by the term EFS frequently uses as a lifeline to its core business – MAN-HOURS. To engage in Give-Hours means that, in the normal course of business, volunteers from EHSAAS operate in ways that will enhance society by utilizing EFS’ core service lines.​

These activities include HVAC, PPM, HSE awareness training, basic fabric maintenance, landscaping, space management, cleaning services etc.

The idea is to encourage white-collared staff to spare a few hours, stay in the shoes of our unsung heroes on ground, learn from our technicians/housekeeping staff and bring a change in EFS staff accommodation.

Through this, EFS volunteers recently worked on a facelift of its female accommodation distributed some hygiene packs in Marabea camp, Dubai on 28 June 2019. We want to extend this initiative to Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

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