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The CEO luncheon concept



March 6, 2019

The breakfast with CEO is EFS’ longstanding on-ground staff bonding mechanism. However, CEO luncheon is EFS’ way of putting forth a valuable lunch-and-learn program for the staff at EFS head office

The CEO Luncheon is similar to an executive outreach program that helps top executives prioritize and realize face time with employees, and importantly, it gives our EFSians an opportunity to ask questions and suggest ideas in a comfortable setting.

This weekly held exercise helps build bridges through opportunities for EFS staff to raise questions about a firm’s results, strategies and overall direction or any perspective they would like to discuss.

The CEO and our Leadership Team along with the staff get a chance to bond at a level beyond the traditional hallway greeting.

Lunch is never an issue with these gatherings. The value comes from the chance for all parties to meet each other, raise issues, offer ideas and to begin forging new relationships. This is EFS’ high touch way to strengthen morale and improve employee engagement.

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