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Settling in the spirit of Ramadan

May 6, 2019

An ambassador of hope in disguise, Muhdeen Nijam, EFS’ dedicated cleaner on one of the mosques does not go home for Iftar during Ramadan

The task of ensuring that worshippers pray in a clean and comfortable environment keeps Muhdeen Nijam at the mosque all day. In most cases, he ends his duty after the night prayer (Isha) has been performed.

The Bangladeshi cleaner of a small mosque located in the Mohammed Bin Zayed City does not get to go home for Iftar during Ramadan. In fact, Iftar time is the most crucial hour for Nijam. A part of his job is assisting the Imam in arranging the Iftar spread for worshippers in a small, shaded area outside the mosque.

He receives the food given by families and businesses in the area by around 5pm and makes all the necessary arrangements so that 25 to 30 workers can open their fasts. He opens his fast along with them. “I enjoy opening my fast at work because I get to eat with fellow Muslims. I like my job, especially during Ramadan, because it involves serving food to people,” said Nijam.

The Bangladeshi expat said he has to ensure that everyone at the mosque gets food and water before he opens his fast. “I’m really happy when serving food to Muslims opening their fast, because I know it carries a lot of rewards from Allah.”

Nijam, whose wife is back home in Bangladesh, said that during Ramadan, he returns to his accommodation in the Musaffah area after the Taraweeh prayer.

“To me, Ramadan is a month of worship and I like it here in the UAE because you really feel the spirit of the holy month as everyone is kind. People here are very generous during Ramadan.”

The Bangladeshi worker, who has been working as a cleaner in Abu Dhabi for the past 10 years, said he does miss Ramadan back home as the Iftar meals brought his family and friends together.

At EFS, an ambassador of Muhdeen still continues to carry out his selfless deeds touching the lives of many faithful and deliver his best for EFS Facilities Services.

Source: Khaleej Times

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