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EFS Carnival 2018 | The Rightful and Deserving Award


In commemoration of the Year of Zayed

EFS believes in acknowledging and supporting the rightful and well-deserved individuals who are going through any tough phase or crisis in their life.

A sisters’ strength

Hem’s sister is admitted to the hospital due to a hole in her heart and has already undergone surgery once. She currently is surviving on a pacemaker. It has been 8 years since the surgery, and Hem takes care of his medical condition on a monthly basis.

To the people I owe

Mastan’s father and mother are suffering from major illnesses. His father underwent a kidney operation 4 months back but the operation caused a knot in the stomach. His mother is partially paralyzed which has affected her speech and her ability to walk. Both of their corrective surgeries need to be done as soon as possible!

In the hope of a fightable cure

Manisha’s father is suffering from cancer and has been discharged from the hospital after 3 months and requires complete bed rest. After she won this award, she will be able to fund her father’s cancer treatment.

Faith in a mother’s fate

Jawad’s mother has breast cancer and is undergoing treatment for the past one year. In addition to this, his brother has been diagnosed with kidney failure for over two years now. Winning this award, will help him cope with financial stress and seek the best of the best treatment for his mother and brother.

Bound by hope!

Swamy’s mother has a brain tumor and is bedridden. His father is currently not working, and he is the only financial support for his family. Every month he has to send money back home to cover his mother’s medical expenses as well has his family’s living expenses.

Palms of struggle and optimism

Ziaul’s 18-year-old daughter is suffering from a hand tumor. The operation needs to be done as soon as possible for 100% recovery, which the family cannot afford.

A dire need for the daughter

Deepak’s 15-year-old daughter suffers from epilepsy and needs to visit the doctor every 2 months for her medication. On top of this, she has a physical disability on her left leg due to Polio.

SOS help on the shoulders

Mohammed Yasin’s father is suffering from a tumor in the stomach. The doctors have recommended an immediate surgery. He needs some financial contribution for his father’s surgery as he is the only earning member of the family.

The tough one

Tula is a single mother, and her 11-year-old son is diagnosed with inflamed kidneys, with high protein deposits. He is continuing his studies in a school nearby to home as he cannot manage to travel long distances. Tula spends all her salary on her son’s treatment with the additional responsibilities of home single handedly.

Nerve-wracking faith

Thangaraj’s son has neurological problems from birth. His son is almost 2.5 years old but is not able to stand on his feet and cannot speak because of this chronic disease.

A type so fine

Dharmendra’s 2.5 yr old daughter is suffering with red blood corpuscles (RBC) disease due to less RBC count. If not treated it can lead to serious complications. They stay in a remote place from where she has to travel back and forth to the hospital on weekly basis. He cannot imagine the agony she goes through and feels helpless even more.

Giving disability wings

Mohhamad Kamran’s daughter aged 6 and a half years faces illness of her brain & legs and cannot walk and talk properly.

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