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Revolutionizing World FM Day with Innovate, Optimize and Excel


EFS launches the IOE program on World FM Day


This World FM Day, EFS Group CEO Mr. Tariq Chauhan launched the Innovate, Optimize and Excel (IOE) Program for its employees in the wake of moving away from a traditional Facilities Management Industry to a transformative Facilities Management Industry.

When the FM industry is in a state of major nuances, Innovation and Optimization practices are the need of the hour to attain business excellence.

The drivers behind FM industry growth all relate to the growing pipeline of development projects across the region and thus, for businesses to stay sustainable it is very critical to take steps in product offering, mapping it with market needs and pricing for business preparedness as well as recalibrate what works.

The I.O.E. program is a collaborative initiative driven by all stakeholders to remodel and aim at self-transformation based on the introspective approach to both, self and organization gaps analysis against the given challenges.

The salient part of this program was not only to engage the leaders and managers but also to engage the employees at all levels to embark on pushing innovation across the business. With a significant change and shift in organizational mindset, everybody has fastened themselves on to Innovate, Optimize and Excel.

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