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Reaching Out: How EFS remains People Centric Organization

December 6, 2011



EFS believes in creating a balance between the company’s business and social value. It aims to develop campaigns and initiatives that help promote growth internally as well as within the community.

The company effectively manages stakeholder relationships and implements sustainable business practices. Truly bettering the community begins with each individual.

By encouraging people to help one another and better themselves, the growth then develops on a larger scale, positively impacting the community as a whole.

As a People Centric Organization, the main focus is on the dedicated blue-collar staff who diligently uplift everyone with their efficient service across all projects.

Since organizing empowering programs and cultural activities for the staff on a regular basis, there has been a significant strengthening in the bond with our ground staff over the last four years.

The People First Philosophy was the motivation behind “The EFS Carnival”, which has been an excellent way to deliver this message. It is a multi-cultural event for the entire workforce that hosts activities, entertainment and amazing gifts and surprises through its raffle draw.

The company affirms that is has a social responsibility to practice philanthropy by donations to specialized organizations or by providing products or services to social causes as well as offering resources that can benefit charities and local community programs.

Over the past three years, through the annual carnival and other employee engagement initiatives, EFS has proudly provided cash prizes, lucky draws, sponsored children’s education, sponsored family trips and 3-month all-inclusive holidays for mothers across our blue collared workforce.

All partners are equally valued. EFS strives to ensure the health, safety and security of all its clients, suppliers, employees and society at large.

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