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Keep Looking Through the COVID-19 Lens


But even as economic activity returns, this is not the time for memories to fade

Amidst the uncertainty set off in the past four months, the world has become a different place. With over 150 million job losses and trillion dollar plus losses to the global economy, it is an unprecedented situation.

Governments, businesses, communities and individuals are grappling to come to terms with the horrid reality, and with no clarity on what lies ahead. The whole perspective for reasoning, planning, and of behavior itself needs to transcend the present grim situation. People need to look at 180-270 degree change in their thinking and behavior patterns, be it about their health, financial security, or planning for the future.

The economic tsunami and destruction that is yet to unfold requires transformative mindsets and a sturdy resolve.

Keep the memory alive!

People need to evade the short memory syndrome, thinking that this phase too shall pass. It may not be the case this time, as COVID-19 has unleashed destruction that is of an unprecedented nature. While positivity will be an essential driver for the eventual recovery phase, it requires a complete shift in mindsets towards life.

Seeing through COVID-19 lenses means a complete rejig of lifestyles, revisiting our professional attributes and social behaviors. All our professional and behavioural inhibitions need to be corrected to meet the new realities.

Even at the micro level

On the personal front, individuals have to move from preventative to predictive, with an emphasis on higher immunity and health sustainability. Health and wellness need to occupy the centre stage of daily living. A work-life balance and mental health will have to find a place as, during the COVID-19 crisis, those with stronger immunity and good family chemistry were able to cope in a much effective manner.

Mental wellbeing has a crucial role to play. Building social alliances, managing conflicts, and maintaining responsible social behaviors shall all be crucial mantras to navigate this turbulence.

Professional ways

At work, a transformation will be a necessity as there will be a need to relook at competencies and map out personality traits that fit in with the times. Behavioural aspects at the workplace need significant realignments.

Businesses too have to work on out a much-needed transformation. The stark reality of the COVID-19 impact is that companies need to provide at least a bare minimum for future resilience. Anywhere between 5-7 per cent of profits need to be kept for this purpose.

Cost saving initiatives have to kick in to minimize financial erosion. Technology will no more be an option but an absolute necessity to power a workforce transformation. Analytics and empowered learning will help ensure upskilled resources.

Seeing through COVID-19 lens means a wake-up call for all, not just for those looking to recover from the crisis or wanting to transform. However, this is also a stark reminder even mere survival would require a revolutionary change.


Source: Gulf News

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