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How Values Embodiment Empowers Relationships that are Quintessential for Business Success

January 20, 2023

In our lives, how often do we get upset by the fallout of relationships, be it personal or business and the emotional toll of such outcomes we all dread? There is no doubt that relationship forms the fundamental ethos of our routine life, and the result of a troubled relationship is the least we wish to have for the desired peace of mind.

The guiding principle of a healthy relationship purely depends on the embodiment of values, behaviour and acts therein that demonstrates commitment. In personal relationships, values such as trust, mutual respect, loyalty, compassion, honesty, integrity and transparency all matter but more than that are the behavioral attributes like discipline, courteousness, and helpfulness that complements the former.

In business life, relationships have colossal importance. These become the cornerstone of business stability and sustainability. Business owners or establishments’ credibility is based chiefly on value alignment in their culture and fairness in dealings, be it with their employees, clients, or other stakeholders.

In my own context, relationships played a crucial role. In my personal and business life, associations remained at the centre stage of my dealings with people and companies. My relationships remained the critical pillar of my strengths, and I encrypted these in all my transactions, be it my family, people or business.

If I have to dedicate the humble accomplishments of my life, I will not hesitate to say it was my relationships, beginning with my wife and my family to my colleagues and partners. In building a billion organisations from modest beginnings and amid my stream of crises and lows, it is a strength of relationships that played a pivotal role in navigating my way through the turbulence.

I always connected relationships as the bare semblance of my happiness. I did not confine this to just my family and friends, but in all my dealings with people too, I set the foundation of trust by aligning each element that a healthy relationship needs.

In my relationship outreach with people in my business life, I set mutual goals and purpose in mind than just self-interests. This aspect remained the epitome of my dealings in life which helped me to set the foundations of one of the most significant partnerships.

These remained the most precious artefacts of my business life, where trust ruled. In the past thirteen years of building EFS Facilities Services Group, we have accomplished a 97% client retention over a decade, which shows the monumental importance of how relationships can play a mammoth role and why these matter as a business fundamental.

Where do you start with trust, a simple five-letter word with a colossal meaning that encompasses many elements? Confidence in businesses comes from the honesty and integrity of people or people in a relationship delivering the desired value for the purpose with due commitment.

These provide value and encourage trust through transparency, rising to desired needs and safeguarding mutual interests. Relationships aim to uphold the principles of any contractual obligation, and the persons or people therein must respect that.

How often do people deviate in contractual relationships by undermining the retained trust by not to the larger format of their commitments and circumventing the requisite trust? So, long standing confidence and past performance must not be used as an excuse to deviate from the contractual arrangement.

Ideally, in case of failings, it must follow with due introspection and correction. We must not use this moral fix on the party using your long-standing relationship as an excuse to override erroneous outcomes.

Therefore, governance and transparency must rule the relationship in business, not self-pity or your past track record. Indeed, the proven track record factor does play a role. Still, any failings in due course must be made transparent to the contracting party with due process of correction, including restitution.




Source: Work Life Mantras

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