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Hard Work Has Always Paid Off

Project Administrator Jorie Turqueza is a strong reflection of commitment and passion


Do you know what it feels like to have a real passion for something? That feeling that is more than just ambition, it is a rush related to what you do. Jorie knows exactly what it means to be a truly passionate individual.

She first joined the EFS community in 2014 as a member of the housekeeping staff. Today, she is a Project Administrator, known for her responsible and dedicated approach to work. She credits her advancement to this strong inner drive and a genuine excitement towards her work and moving ahead in her career.

From the start Jorie’s abilities were undeniable. She had a knack for communicating especially well with clients and her time management was spot on. Her supervisor was quick to notice and she received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from her teachers and team leader.

Her potential and reliability led to her being asked to join the EFS office where she became a CAFM assistant and later progressed to be a CAFM operator for demonstrating outstanding performance. As CAFM operator – she manages client relations, end users, suppliers, and internal staff and ensures that you can get all the information you require accurately and promptly.

Acknowledgement was rightfully given again as she took on a role as one of the key players on a project and her go-getting nature to outperform was clear in how she supported her administration and CAFM colleagues. Back in her hometown in the Philippines, she enjoys being part of a really close-knit family including her mom and three siblings. She says this support system has helped her and given her a lot of strength.

When it comes to hard work and being self-sufficient she always looks back on the principles her father taught her. He was a policeman who passed away just a few months before she became a part of the EFS family. She has been awarded the employee of the month and her entire team has received an achievement award by the Management.
Her manager specifically feels “She deserves to be the employee of the year instead of the employee of the month”. In a span of four months, her unwavering commitment for her work enabled her to achieve a new role as Project Administrator where she continues to deliver her best – with passion.

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