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Replay: Ground-breaking flexible jobs to support Emiratization


EFS Group CEO Tariq Chauhan joined Emirates Foundation Dawamee program as a guest speaker for the webinar Ground- Breaking Flexible Jobs To Support Emiratization.

In this exclusive webinar hosted by Emirates Foundation as part of “The Job Inside” series, Tariq Chauhan and Emirates Foundation COO Mohanna Al Muhairi discussed the emiratization opportunities for emirati youth in the private sector, the challenges identified in the post-pandemic new normal and the solutions provided by the UAE private sector for inclusion, training and advancement in the workforce.

The DAWAMEE “The Job Inside” webinar series is set to highlight how the “new normal” in working structure is increasing the demand for remote, working from home and flexible candidates, bringing about a huge range of opportunities for companies to enroll more Emiratis.

Emirates Foundation is actively involved in a number of dynamic projects as part of its mandate to promote social responsibility and boost sustainable community development through collaboration with the public and private sectors.

EFS Group is committed to leverage the Emirati talent and diversify the workforce skills pool by creating internal programs to create more opportunities for local hiring in remote and on-site capacities.

Watch the full webinar and get to know more about EFS Emiratization strategies to encourage the recruitment of local talent.



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