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The Critical Role of Facilities Management in Hospitality Industry


The integration of facilities management in the hospitality industry has been at the forefront of a global transformation.

As a flagbearer for the services industry, the hospitality business’ barometer has been gauged and closely tied to the level of its guest experience on each facility and asset.

FM has played a key role in fueling the industry’s objective of ultimate guest experience and enhancing business continuity emanating from the asset upkeep.

The FM industry has been quick to respond to the unique and specific needs of the hospitality sector by integrating a holistic approach to ensure the highest standards of maintenance and life cycle asset planning.

The areas of exciting opportunity for FM service providers to make a tangible difference are unlimited and varied.

Right from asset maintenance, air conditioning, plumbing, lifts, lighting to a host of guest services such as security, concierge, room service; the five-star experience in hospitality is the ultimate benchmark for the quality of FM implementation.

In a sense, the FM team acts as a guardian and gatekeeper of the client’s brand and can either reinforce the client’s values or undermine them. The key to providing a great guest experience is understanding what the hospitality client and end users expect and what is critical from an FM service perspective.

The key element in achieving end-user satisfaction is to understand the guests’ expectations. It is also important to identify potential opportunities where deployed FM teams typically interact with guests.

By understanding these touch points, FM teams can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations. For this to take place, each element of the FM team (in-house or outsourced) and service providers must harness their synergies and work as a blended team to deliver a seamless experience for the end user.

Ultimately, a truly professional and well-planned FM implementation would render the FM service provider effectively “invisible” to the guest, to whom the provision of continuous services without disruption adds a personal and special touch to the overall experience.

It is not a surprise then, that in 2017, we are seeing more and more global hospitality brands turn to the facilities management industry to provide insights and lessons on client satisfaction and customer relationship.

As an equal partner who is well vested in the success and growth of the global hospitality industry, the FM industry is perfectly placed to ensure that each guest leaves a hospitality facility with a wide smile, cherished memories and a yearning to travel on strange roads in unknown lands.


Source: Hotel & Catering News Middle East

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