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Everyone Knows Him as the Livewire

Nagesh Kondur is our passionate Office Boy who doesn’t have no for an answer.


We live in such fast times now. Everything is flying by and even though we may not like to admit it, this can make us all more selective with our time.

It might mean us saying no a bit more often, and not be as willing to help others in terms of giving up our time. While it is perfectly normal to get caught up in the day to day of it all, it’s so refreshing to come across people who are always ready to help.

This is Kondur Nagesh or as many may know him by the name of Nagesh. Absolutely dedicated to saying yes instead of no. He became a part EFS as a housekeeping staff on the in 2015, and his ability to make that time for others and his work has led him up the corporate chain to today – where he is a diligent office boy, and still on the rise.

Since his journey with EFS has begun, Nagesh has put himself through all odds and gained the right exposure and learning, which makes him stay a step ahead. By helping others and dedicating his time to the job, he has managed to better himself personally and professionally.

With never a No for an answer, he has welcomed all tasks with a smile on his face. His camp supervisor was his ultimate role model from whom he learnt how to deal with people and different challenges, as like many of us, his journey was also filled with obstacles.

Nagesh, through his time at EFS, had the chance to work with many clients. And finally, he feels very fortunate to be stationed at the EFS head office, where he is expected to be more than just an office boy with an open mind to learning new duties and broadening his scope of work.

Nagesh has been a witness to ups and downs in life and he is a genuine example of self-belief and hard work. Nagesh loves being among people and is always willing to teach new joiners the daily tasks with dedication and a positive outlook.

Back home in Tamil Nadu, Nagesh lives with his parents, 2 sisters and his heartwarming grandmother. He is a cricket fanatic with the same strong enthusiasm he shows at work.

He has been recently deployed to one of our prominent client sites where of course – he effortlessly showcases efficiency and excellence. We know his family is proud, and we know this is just the beginning for him.

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