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#EFS360 Transforming Lives: Shivam Jain


A dream job impacts lives and creates new paths of transformation, and EFS finds inspiration in every story of every colleague. We continue our EFS 360 Transforming Lives series with an episode featuring Shivam Jain.

Today Shivam is the Group Commercial Manager working closely with the C-Suite of EFS to deliver the company’s vision. Shivam’s journey in EFS Facilities Services started in 2016 when he joined the group as a junior accountant.

Throughout the past five years, Shivam’s growth path has been rewarding not only professionally but personally as well. “The circumstances surrounding my arrival to Dubai were not ideal, my situation back home was complicated, and I saw in EFS a major opportunity to turn around my personal life,”

Shivam recalls. “The path provided by the company made my personal and my professional journey easier and gave me the tools to advance in my career despite any challenges and focus on my native skills and ambition”.

The teamwork and the strong EFS community are one of the things that makes Shivam strive every day for excellence. Surrounded by leadership that advances the business through personal example, Shivam’s journey to the management level was supported by intense training and immersion into the #peoplefirst culture.

“Across the organisation are countless stories that show the progressive mindset of the organisation and the resilience spirit of EFS – joining this company means transforming your life based on that my role model in the organisation is the Group CFO, Taher Jhanjharya – his ability to identify and nurture skills and talent is unmatched.”.

Shivam’s advice is profound, realistic and inspiring: “You should always stay enthusiastic at work, despite any challenges – don’t lose your passion and your drive to find meaning in your work. Things will not always go in your favor; here is where staying patient and focused will pay off in the long run. You need to be a life-long learner to make a long-term impact.”

Watch Shivam’s journey of transformation! To get to know more about our campaign, get in touch with us!


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