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EFS launches the Young Leaders forum – An interactive leadership series

September 27, 2020

The vision of this forum is to improve engagement & interaction with the younger workforce in the organization. EFS has set foot to align to the evolving needs of Millennials and Gen Zs and motivate them in order to grow as an organization.

This concept will also assist the Millennials and Gen Zs in transforming and transcending to meet the future demands and bridge the gap between the younger workforce and the experienced leadership.

The Young Leaders Forum will provide the opportunity for all our EFS Gen Zs & Millennials to hear inspiring stories, connect and network with upcoming Industry Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Innovators & Influencers who are shaping today’s world.

These network sessions will be conducted through a series of live interactions and webinars covering content structure revolving around the EFS strategy that encompasses resilience, transformation and tactical.

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