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EFS facilities services group inaugurates a state-of-the-art centralized store

February 18, 2022

EFS Centralized Store (ECS) is a unique initiative, set to create a benchmark by implementing innovative features integrating the best practices in technology, warehouse logistics management, and storage solutions that support the replenishment of the satellite stores around the UAE.



EFS Management, led by the Group CEO Tariq Chauhan, formulated the vision to establish EFS Centralized Store in the region to counter the challenges faced by the supply chain industry.

Today, we witnessed the inauguration of a modern store empowered with an integrated robotic system, automated material handling, improved tracking systems, flexibility, and many advanced solutions to improve the handling of materials to support service excellence initiatives at EFS Facilities Services Group.

The Centralized Store will manage over 10,000+ SKUs using automatic replenishment to provide real-time information to support the requirements for all satellite stores. The Centralized Stores in UAE will be the first step towards expanding the concept across all significant areas of operations in EFS.

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