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EFS Group CEO Tariq Chauhan made it to the Forbes Top 100 CEOs list in the Middle East




Our Group CEO, Tariq Chauhan, made it to the Top CEOs In The Middle East by Forbes in their 2022 Annual List.
Forbes Middle East July issue reveals the second annual ranking of the strongest Chief Executives in the Middle East among business leaders who have contributed significantly to the growth of the region’s economies.

The ranking was created by sending out questionnaires and collecting information from stock market disclosures, industry reports, annual reports and financial statements, and other primary sources.

The CEOs were ranked based on:

• The impact that they have had on the region, their country, and the markets that they serve.
• The CEO’s overall experience and time in their current role.
• The size of the company in terms of revenues, assets, and market cap.
• The achievements and performance of the CEO in the last year.
• The innovations and initiatives that the CEO has implemented.


Source: Forbes Middle East

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