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EFS Facilities Services Celebrates the Contribution of Multi-cultural Workforce


The human touch should be visible in all activities and all aspects of daily work and affect the lives of not just the EFS team, but beyond to their families as well, and make an impact on their careers and social life.


2500 employees representing 35 nationalities attended the event organized by EFS Facilities management; EFS Facilities Services, a global leader in integrated facilities management services across the MENASA region, celebrated its third annual EFS Carnival event on 11th November 2016 held at the Kings’ School in Al Barsha, Dubai.

The event was organized by EFS management to recognize the achievements of its employees, particularly its onsite staff working on client premises.

The carnival consisted of a series of fun-filled activities featuring entertainment, games, races, competitions and raffle draws.

The event was well attended by over 2,500 EFS office and onsite staff representing 35 nationalities, who were hailed by Tariq Chauhan, Group CEO, as “the cornerstone and foundation of EFS’ continued global success”.

Seen here in the picture are 2,500 EFS employees showing the three-fingered salute Win, Victory and Love sign.

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